Our 2nd in the series of  10 symphony “Soulville” Tribute to the Queen, will be tonight at 7:30 in Yakima, Wa.

Rehearsal was fantastic, It is amazing to me how these songs that I have been performing for years, take on such a powerful and beautiful nuance that takes my whole performance to a level I never could imagine, I noticed during  this rehearsal and last months performance in York,Pa. that I am so entranced by the sound that I almost forget my lyrics because of the overwhelming emotions I feel from every note that I hear behind me, it is like the difference of a simple mono recording and being put into some alien octagonal sound booth in heaven. I am looking forward to the sold out house tonite and being in my very own Aretha world.

I thank everyone who helped put these incredible shows together – and brought my performance to the highest level.

Living on a Cloud. Right Now – I am So Blessed to be able to experience this and share my love for  Aretha Franklin in such a powerful way.