I am so proud and grateful to have debuted in our premier performance as Denita Asberry’s “Soulville” Respect To The Queen Show with the York Symphony in PA March 18, 2023. It took a full year to put this show together and a village of those that believed in Denita’s talent and all the incredible players committed to this huge investment for our future. . Without @Jeffrey Patterson, this show would not have been possible! We are very thankful for his proposing the concept and then working with us endlessly to make it come to fruition. We have our second show in Yakima next month and many more to come as we move forward. Thank you to “Darnell”/Drummer, Eddie Fluellen/Keys, Turhan Terrell 2nd Keys/Bass, Avana Christie BackUp Vocals, Anika QueenAries Larkin Back Up Vocals for being with us on this memorable moment. Next month, we will have Mychael Pollard/Keys joining us. Denita Asberry, thank you for your incredible talent and dedication as well as for sharing this journey with me as your friend first and foremost, and manager.